Dec 17, 2009

Merry Christmas

Sorry fo not posting but I've been sooo busy during this month!
My son has started his first year of primary school and last Saturday they had the Christmas Bazaar.
So, as a good crafter, and as I wanted him to be proud of his mom, I made a gazillion things for them to sell.
I made patchwork aprons, crocheted bears and amigurumi key chains, not micros of course, or it would have taken too much time to fill just a little table!
I love to work from time to time in "normal size", it's so relaxing!
So, as I was well relaxed I made some micro elves. My elves comes in different shapes and colors but usually they all have funny faces. And then I had a lot of fun taking some weird pictures.
Here they are:

They are made in a quarter scale (1:48) with sewing thread and a 0.5mm hook.

The little toys are made by Cindy and the teapot, cakes and carrots by Lory.

I wish you a super Happy and Wonderful Christmas!