Dec 17, 2012

Snow and Presents

8 days to Christmas ... have you already bought all your Christmas presents?
I usually try to make them by myself but this year first I got the Christmas bazaar of my son's school (I made 30 Christmas stockings with appliqués, 3 Santa's sacks, 4 totes, and other few things), then the Christmas bazaar of my friend's son kindergarten (I made 26 felt hearts with appliqués buttons and beads) and at the end I got the flu! 
While I was lying on the sofa like a shapeless Blob I ordered most of the presents on line.
What a good idea I had! No crowded shops, no queue at the cash desk, no feet ache .... they have already arrived and are under the tree (except for the ones that will bring Santa!):

And the snow arrived too! Ohhh I so love Christmas with the snow and I really hope it will last till next week, look how wonderful it is:

My windows are full of noses marks and it's not only the children to press the nose on the windows, there is someone else doing her best:

How charming is the falling snow???


  1. What a fun post, Mariella! Your kitty is so sweet watching the snow. xo Jennifer

  2. Devo dire che il tuo gatto è proprio bello, stava gurdando la neve o qualche povero uccellino infreddolito?

    1. Si si, proprio i fiocchi di neve che scendevano copiosi!
      Con il naso spiccicato al vetro (anche lei)!

  3. I will buy the last gifts tomorrow!
    Your cat is sweet!

    1. Thank you so much Melanie, hope you'll find thousand presents under your tree!!